Dairy Veterinary Services

Warrnambool Veterinary Clinic is one of Australia’s most progressive, innovative and influential dairy practices. Since 1978, Warrnambool Veterinary Clinic has been a leader in veterinary and animal health, with a focus on top quality research, preventative medicine, and a whole herd approach to dairy production.

Clinical Service

Our team of cattle and mixed practice vets provide ambulatory emergency care 24 hours a day for dairy farmers across the South West Victoria region. We pride ourselves on our preventative medicine focus, and our vets are encouraged to develop an in depth understanding our our clients’ farming operations so that they become an integral part of the farm’s management team.

We run circuit travel days to reduce the cost of farm visits – if you can book jobs before 9am on your travel day there are significant savings to be made. Click here to find out which circuit zone you fall into and which days to book for non-emergency procedures.

Herd Health Programs

We endeavour to provide animal care and advice that extends beyond emergency calls for sick animals, focusing on preventative, herd focused solutions that reduce the incidence of sick animals and aim to increase both production and fertility. We use Dairy Data for analysis of herd reproductive performance

  • 24 Hour comprehensive service including medicine, surgery, obstetrics.cow dairy veterinary
  • Pregnancy testing (manual, ultrasound, and foetal sexing)
  • Heifer replacement advice & “Correct Weight” monitoring service
  • Synchrony and joining programs
  • Lameness & hoof trimming
  • Hay & silage testing & nutrition advice
  • Mastitis investigation & control – Multiple Countdown Downunder Accredited advisors and an in house milking machine tester accredited with Australian Milk Machine Trade Association.
  • Herd records maintained using computer program DAIRY DATA developed by the clinic for recording and analysis.
  • Full farm consultation including pasture & nutrition advisory service, mastitis & milk quality, animal health, heifer replacement and health monitoring, financial analysis.
Healthy dairy cows

Call our Large Animal Desk on 5559 0266 for your Dairy Veterinary requirements.