Dairy Vet Club

Vet Club is an initiative designed to give progressive dairy farmers access to an even higher level of veterinary care.

Benefits of joining our Vet Club are:
A designated herd health vet and deputy for routine veterinary work
> A free copy of the industry leading herd management program Dairy Data valued at $400
> Free data entry for the first 12 months of membership (usually $5 per cow)
> Free herd health annual reports with benchmarking of results
> Free attendance at our annual Herd Health Management Course for farm staff and invitations to our client education seminars
> Discounted travel and access to special price offers on products and services


Friesian and Jersey cows

There are also other more profitable benefits.

Analysis of herd performance results for farms undertaking herd health programs reveals superior performance in reproduction and production shows:

  • An average of 7% of the herd not in calf by 20 weeks after mating start date, compared to the state average of 12 to 14%. Assuming the difference in replacement versus cull prices of $450, an improvement of $3150 per hundred cows results. This more than pays for Vet Club fees.
  • Herd health herds milk for longer than average herds. The state average is 260 days- the herd health average is 290 days. Assuming the value of milk produced as $3 per day, this equates to $9000 per hundred cows per season.
  • The state average for heifer production as a proportion of mature cow production is 77% - for herd health farms this is 85%. An 8% difference results in an extra 18kg butterfat, equivalent to $117 per heifer, or $11,700 per hundred heifers.

All Vet Club members receive heavily discounted rates for their herd health services, and so receive the benefits of the intensive herd monitoring which results. Other benefits for Vet Club members include discounted rates for shed testing and heifer weighing.


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