Exciting New Mastitis Research

By Dr David Beggs

In the next few weeks, an important research project will commence at Warrnambool Veterinary.

We have been contracted by Bayer Animal Health to trial a new treatment for mastitis.
The trial is being run to assist registration of the new product in Australia. Because of this a large number of samples are required.

The target number is 600 cases of mastitis in each treatment group. With each herd involved, and with each case of mastitis there will be a bit of paperwork involved so that everything undertaken as part of the trial can be documented. Milk samples will need to be collected for culture by Warrnambool Veterinary staff before treatment, and the treatment course will be also be commenced by one of our staff members.

The upside for farmers who choose to be involved are:teats_web

  • All treatment costs provided at no cost to the farmer;
  • Mastitis sampling and culture provided at no cost to the farmer, and undertaken by Warrnambool Veterinary Staff;
  • Mastitis sampling will occur before first treatment, and again around three weeks later to assess success of treatment;
  • There will be a payment to the farmer for each case enrolled into the trial; and
  • Dairy farmers will receive up to date knowledge on the mastitis organisms causing mastitis in their herds.

We are very excited at being involved in this project, and any farmers who are as excited as us and would like to be involved are invited to contact us for further information.
Several farmers have already expressed their interest, but because a large number of samples are required we would like more farmers to join the project.

For more information speak to one of our Dairy Vets:
Glenn Cuzens, David Beggs, Stephen Jagoe or Charlie Blackwood on 5561 7666.