Are you interested in our new calf disbudding service or the newest tool in heifer selection – Clarifide?

Then our Farm Chat at 11 am to 2 pm or our Pie Night 7.30 pm to 9 pm on Thursday 21 May are guaranteed to provide you with all the information you need to take advantage of both new services.

Farm Chat

Calf disbudding demonstration
11 am at Bob McCluggage’s farm, 206 Swans Lane Allansfordbobs

At Warrnambool Veterinary we are now offering a complete service to provide your calves with a stress and pain free disbudding. Recent studies have found that calves receiving heavy sedation/pain relief and local anaesthetic prior to Veterinary disbudding will have improved growth rates and appetites in the two weeks following disbudding. Veterinary disbudding with sedation and local anaesthetic, results in an average of 1.4kg greater growth over the 2 week period following disbudding (this is a 17% increase in growth rate over the period).

New Bull Indices, Clarifide Presentation and Refreshments
Allansford Recreation Reserve
A presentation by Zoetis and Peter Williams, Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme, on Clarifide.
The presentation will take place at the Allansford Recreation reserve after the calf disbudding demonstration where refreshments will be served. CLARIFIDE is an Australian genomic selection tool to assist the identification of superior dairy heifers. When used as part of an annual planning calendar, CLARIFIDE evaluates the genetic potential of your heifers across a range of production, management and type traits. CLARIFIDE is a tool to inform selection and breeding decisions, whether that be; selecting the best replacement animals, allocating higher value or sexed semen to genetically superior females or optimising mate allocation. Implementing a selection and breeding program using CLARIFIDE will increase your rate of genetic gain and assist you in achieving a more profitable herd.

Pie Night

Can’t make the Farm Chat time?

Then come along to our Pie Night for a presentation and discussion on calf disbudding and the full presentation on the new Bull Indices and Clarifide brought to you by Zoetis and Peter Williams, Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme. And of course refreshments will be served.

Venue: Warrnambool Veterinary 514 Raglan Parade Warrnambool

  • 7.30 pm Calf Disbudding Presentation
  • 7.45 pm New Bull Indices
  • 8.15 pm Clarifide
  • 8.45 pm Q&A

RSVP for Farm Chat and the Pie Night to The Farm Desk on 5561 7666