Warrnambool Veterinary Pie Night
Fertility in Dairy Cows

Wednesday 19 August at 7.30 PM
Warrnambool Football Club – Oval Room

The culmination of a three year fertility focused research project
conducted locally by Melbourne University resident
and Warrnambool Veterinary staff member Dr Kelly Plozza.

Do not miss this event!
 Kelly’s research is at the forefront in fertility management and is directly related to your farm’s productivity
and how you manage your herd’s fertility.

Rarely do you have the opportunity to hear first hand the outcomes and recommendations involved in research so fundamental to the day-to-day operations of your dairy.

What are the causes of poor fertility in local dairy herds?
A discussion on risk factors that effect a herds fertility.

> Body condition at time of joining
> Time calved
> Age
> Mastitis
> Endometritis (dirty cows).

Trial results using a novel method to treat non cycling cows.
Fixed-time insemination has been used to treat non-cycling cows, however there are limitations.
Is there a more effective approach to treating non-cycling cows and can we manage them more efficiently and economically?

Warrnambool Football Club — Oval Room at 7.30 pm
Cramer Street Warrnambool

RSVP by Monday 17 August  to the Large Animal Desk on 5561 7666

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