We asked new Warrnambool Veterianry mixed-practice Veterinarian a few get to know you questions.

erica_schmidt_webNickname: Schmidty

Where were you born?: Merced, California, USA

Where did you grow up?: Atwater, California, USA- “small” farming community in central California

Education: Bachelor’s in Animal Science at California State University Fresno and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Iowa State University

Family: Husband Ben

Pets: Oliver, Corgi mix we brought from the States and Murphy, kitty we adopted from the RSPCA

Sports & Interests: Casual tennis player, hiking and camping, recently discovered ocean swimming/body boarding! (Trying to convince Dr Mark Lewis to teach me to surf)!

Favourite Pastime: DIY projects for the house and garden, trying to keep plants alive (what’s the opposite of a green thumb? That’s what I have)

Footy Team: Undecided, really enjoy watching (and trying to figure out) Australian sports. Otherwise love cheering for the Iowa State Cyclones!

Favourite Food: Anything dipped in chocolate

Favourite Drink: love coffee, homemade lemonade, and red wine

Favourite holiday spot: warm beach where I can lounge with a good book!

What do you like/love about being a vet: I love pretty much everything about being a vet! I love the challenge of figuring out what’s happening with my patients, getting to interact with amazing clients, and seeing the power of the human-animal bond. My fellow vets and staff make the workplace such a great place to learn and grow as a vet, I just love it! (Super cheesy, but it’s the truth!)

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