Pet Smiles Dental Program

Corrective dental procedures can be expensive, with the cost of general anaesthetic compounded by the extended time required to remove diseased teeth and potentially prescribe antibiotics to fight infection. To prevent significant financial cost, not to mention the cost to your cherished pet’s quality of life, Warrnambool Veterinary offers FREE dental health checks and the Pet Smiles Program.pet_smiles

The Pet Smiles Program is for otherwise healthy cats and dogs showing the early signs of tartar build up and gingivitis. It is designed to take preventative action before dental disease takes hold and compromises your pet’s oral and general health and wellbeing.

The Pet Smiles Annual Dental includes:
> Full veterinary health check on admission
General anaesthetic including IV fluids and monitoring by our trained nurses
> Professional dental scaling to remove tartar build ups
> Tooth polish & gum health assessment
> Discharge appointment including dental care advice and free sample of dental food.

In order to qualify for the Pet Smiles Program, your pet will need to be:
> In good general health following the vet’s health check
> No worse than grade 1 dental disease – this means early onset of gingivitis and tartar build up.

Pets with more extensive dental disease will be subject to our normal dental surgery fees.
If your pet does not meet these criteria, the vet will advise you as to the best course of action to address their oral health concerns, and provide a full cost estimate for your consideration.

To make an appointment for your pet call our friendly receptionists on 5559 0222