Heatstroke in Dogs

By Dr Olivia Down Heat stroke occurs when the heat-dissipating mechanisms of the body cannot accommodate excessive heat. This can lead to multisystemic organ dysfunction and in some cases death. Obviously we see heat stroke during summer, in situations such as dogs...

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Watch out for grass seeds!

By Dr Mark Lewis BVSc In the spring and summer months we often have dogs presented to us with problems caused by grass seeds. Just one of these simple and apparently harmless seeds can in fact cause severe health problems and in the country our pets come into contact...

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When Quality Matters

What does colostrum quality mean? “New-born calves should be actively fed good quality colostrum as soon as possible after birth to reduce the risk of failure of passive transfer (FPT).” In this context, colostrum quality is referring to the concentration of...

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How clean is your colostrum?

Good quality colostrum helps protect calves against disease in the first 4–6 weeks of life by the provision of antibodies. Research has shown that the provision of an adequate volume of clean, good quality colostrum as soon as possible after birth has long-term...

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