Care of Downer Cows

Dr Phil Poulton from the Tarwin Vet Clinic in Leongatha, Gippsland spoke at a Farmchat day a couple of years ago. Phil has completed a PhD looking at nursing outcomes for Downer Cows. Phil had some key take-home messages to improve outcomes in the nursing of Downer...

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Dirty Cows – Managing Endometritis in Cattle

OVERVIEW OF ENDOMETRITIS Endometritis is a mild, chronic infection of the uterus. It is very common, affecting up to 40% of post-calving cows. The uterus contains pus and there may be discharge from the vulva. The cows do not seem sick and will still eat, milk and...

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Synchronising – Why, Why Not & How

by Dr Charlie Blackwood WHY SYNCHRONISE HEATS? Synchronising cows can have many advantages including: 1. Easier heat detection Simultaneous display of heat by many cows enables easier detection of cows showing subtle or weak signs of oestrous. Heat detection aids such...

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Non-Cycling Cows

The earlier non-cycling cows are treated, the better the return on investment. Economic analysis has shown that it is more profitable to treat non-cycling cows as soon as possible, regardless of your calving pattern.  Reasons for non-cycling cows:  Pregnancy: a...

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