Are Your Bulls Fertile?

  Are Your Bulls Fertile? By Dr Charlie Blackwood  Whilst many dairy farms are busy “AI ing” cows at the moment, they should consider the fertility of the bulls they will use at the end of the AI period. Implementing a BULL FERTILITY EXAMINATION ( called a...

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Another award for David Beggs!

  Another award for David Beggs! A huge congratulations to Dr Dave Beggs who was awarded a Fellowship Award at this year’s Australian Veterinary Association Conference in Melbourne. Fellows of the Australian Veterinary Association are members who have rendered...

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Coccidiosis – Looking after your calves!

  Coccidiosis – Looking after your calves! Coccidiosis has been seen on several farms around the district, renewing our need to ensure calves are protected! There are several ways this can be done, including medicated feeding, pasture management and proper...

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Chocolate Toxicity

  Chocolate Toxicity Chocolate and Dogs Just Don’t Mix! Our dogs love a tempting treat like chocolate not realising a chocolate treat could kill them! Chocolate contains a product called Theobromine which causes vomiting, diarrhoea, hyperactivity and...

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