2016 Warrnambool Veterinary Sexed Semen Trial results.

Warrnambool Veterinary last night presented the results of its 2016 Sexed Semen Trial that was conducted on 1800 heifers across 19 farms in South West Victoria.

The event was well attended by over 80 clients with many being involved in the trial, coming to hear for the first time the results. Presented by Dr Jon Kelly and Dr David Beggs, they outlined the key questions that wanted to answer from the trial, which involved using a 10 day synchrony program the clinic has promoted for many years.

  1. Does being on heat matter?
  2. Does weight/age/condition score matter?
  3. Does timing of AI matter?

In summary the outcome was, being at or above target joining weight (350kg FF and 330kg FX) and showing physical signs of heat is critical in achieving the best conception rates.

Age, condition score and timing of AI while still important, wasn’t as significant when it came to improving conception rates.

What the trial has demonstrated is that the Warrnambool Veterinary synchrony program is very robust and allows for flexibility of treatments and AI.

correct_weight_thumbnail_brochureWarrnambool Veterinary’s Correct Weight program is a management tool which can really assist farmers and managers, make sure that their heifers are on target to reach their joining weight. As the trial has concluded, well grown heifers cycle better and have improved conception rates.

If you would like more details on the trial results or want to learn more about our Correct Weight Heifer Management Program please call the Farm Desk 5561 7666.

You can download a brochure on the Correct Weight Program here!