By Phil Keegan, Dairy Technician 

Get your heifers on track for a successful joining!

What will you be feeding your calves this summer & autumn?pie_night_2
This year’s winter and spring rains have been well below average and crops that have been planted are already showing signs of moisture stress. With a hot dry summer predicted, fodder reserves will fast disappear and purchased feed will have a premium price.

You need to plan and act now. Calves offered low nutritional feeds will quickly fall behind and struggle to reach a suitable weight at joining age of around 15months.

Warrnambool Veterinary’s Spot Test service is a one-off weigh and report that provides you with a detailed assessment of the condition of your heifers including:

  • Individual weighing and recording of heifer ID.
  • Actual versus Target for an agreed joining weight.
  • Written report summarizing the weigh event of all heifers.
  • Nutritional advice to improve growth rates.
  • Heifer health advice e.g. worms, fly control and vaccinations.

Spot Weight Service costs $5 per head plus travel.

If you are looking for a comprehensive heifer management package then Warrnambool Veterinary’s Correct Weight Program is the answer. Choose from either the Standard Package or Premium package.

The first 12 months of a heifer’s life are the most critical for skeletal and muscular development, Heifers that fall behind will have delayed puberty, reduced fertility and decreased lifetime production.

Getting heifers in calf on time and at the correct weight takes planning from weaning to joining.

Warrnambool Veterinary’s Spot Test or Correct Weight Programs can help your Heifers reach their target weight. Act Now!