Warrnambool Veterinary Tipper Crush making fast work of tricky jobs!

> Treating Lame cows
> Hoof trimming
> Teatsealing heifers … with mobile efficiency.

The Tipper Crush works in a similar way to a traditional crush set up. The cow walks into the crush, where it’s head is secured and the gate closed behind it. Straps are secured beneath the animal, before it is raised with hydraulic winches and gently tipped onto its side. The feet can then be secured, allowing the operator to treat all four hooves or the udder at a convenient height without the threat of being kicked. The crush is highly portable, allowing it to be used in outpaddocks or away from the dairy, as long as there is some sort of yarding facility where a race can be created.

The tipper crush has a number of significant benefits:

  • Improved operator safety and comfort for access to the underside of the cow, whether for checking all four feet or accessing the udders to apply Teatseal;
  • Ability to work livestock in outpaddocks or yards where crush facilities may be inadequate;
  • Improves speed and efficiency for otherwise difficult or challenging tasks.

When booking your lame cows for treatment, consider drafting any extras that may benefit from preventative trim.

Crush Fees
The Tipper crush is charged on a per hour rate plus travel at your normal travel rate, and a farm visit fee of $71, which includes the operator.
For hoof trimming and lameness work, it will generally be a vet rather than technician who operates the crush, allowing us to provide professional veterinary attention to any animals that display non-routine hoof problems.

The hourly rate for this work is $254 per hour.
For Teatsealing heifers, it is also charged at an hourly rate. The crush will be operated by a technician, and due to the importance of cleanliness and hygine for the Teatsealing process, the operator does not administer the Teatseal.

You may elect to have farm staff undertake this process, or we can provide a staff member to do this for you. The fees are: Tipper crush + operator: $190 per hour. Technician to administer Teatseal: $127.20 per hour.

To discuss the Mobile Tipper Crush service call the Large Animal Desk on 5561 7666.