At Warrnambool Veterinary we are now offering a complete service to provide your calves with a stress and pain free disbudding.

Recent studies have found that calves receiving heavy sedation/pain relief and local anaesthetic prior to Veterinary disbudding will have improved growth rates and appetites in the two weeks following disbudding.

Veterinary disbudding with sedation and local anaesthetic, results in an average of 1.4kg greater growth over the 2 week period following disbudding (this is a 17% increase in growth rate over the period).

One of our vets has spent two months in New Zealand recently being up-skilled in the clinic where this research was conducted.

What’s included:

  • Heavy sedation/pain relief
  • Local anaesthetic Disbudding
  • Antibiotic protection
  • Hernia checks
  • Removal of extra teats

The particulars:

  • Cost: $7.50/Hd
  • Calves need to be between 2-12 weeks old
  • Sick calves will not be done
  • We need to have at lease 20 calves in a group to charge at this rate

We all know that calves get knocked around quite a lot in this period and any setback can be disastrous in the calf pens.
With this new information we are implementing a service to allow you the best growth out of your calves.

To get your heifers off to a better start call Warrnambool Veterinary and discuss your options in getting calves disbudded by our trained veterinarians.  

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