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correct_weight_logoAt Warrnambool Veterinary we pride ourselves on helping dairy farmers achieve better outcomes. One of the challenges herd managers face is growing out heifers to reach their full potential. The first 12 months of a heifer’s life are the most critical for skeletal and muscular development. Heifers that fall behind will have delayed puberty, reduced fertility and decreased lifetime production. Getting heifers in calf on time and at the correct weight takes planning from weaning to joining. Warrnambool Veterinary can help make this happen.


Correct Weight is a package that will guide you in the profitable management of heifers from weaning to joining by providing:
Regular weighing
> Worm monitoring
> Nutritional and animal health advice

Take the stress out of your heifer management!

Health calf in field

Correct Weight – Standard Package

This is a package designed for best practice monitoring of your heifers from weaning to joining.

The Standard Package includes:
> Weighing 5 times between weaning and joining
5 advisory reports including nutritional advice
1 Worm Egg Counts
Vaccination assessment and advice
Travel within 40km of the Warrnambool clinic is included
Electronic data will be uploaded to your electronic records if compatible.

Correct Weight – Premium

This package is designed to provide both monitoring and preventative herd health treatments for your heifers.
For extra peace of mind, let us organize the drenching and vaccinations!

It includes all the features of the Standard program plus:
> 2 drenches of Dectomax injectable at strategic times
> 2 vaccinations of Ultravac 7in1
> Pink eye vaccination
> Pestivirus(BVDV) surveillance and advice

What Does It Cost?

A fixed price per head includes travel, lab fees and work time for both weigh and egg count events. 
For the premium package it also includes programmed drenches and vaccines.

Benefits of Correct Weight

> Improved fertility (bigger heifers get in calf earlier)
> Increased longevity (they live longer!)
> Reduced calving problems
> Higher production - 50kg heavier at calving results in 1041 litres extra milk over 3 lactations
> Smarter drenching using FEC results - saves money on drench and reduces worm resistance
> Confidence that heifers are protected from disease by up-to-date vaccination
> Expert joining advice available on request

Spot weigh events and additional animal health monitoring and treatment beyond the package are available on request.

Proactive management and early intervention improves chances of having a healthy and productive animal enter the herd

Dairy Technician, Phil Keegan, weighing heifers.

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