MacroVet & MacroVetE

A professional veterinary blend of Macro and Micro Minerals for Dairy Cows

What is MacroVet?

MacroVet is a dairy cattle feed supplement specifically designed by the nutritional advisers at Warrnambool Veterinary to address imbalances in the transitional diet of dairy cattle. Many dairy cows show deficiencies in calcium throughout their lactation, but particularly in the early part of the lactation. Other feed additives do contain calcium, but most only provide 5 to 20 grams per day. MacroVet provides 50g of calcium per day in an easy to administer pellet form that will work in any feed system. Along with calcium, MacroVet delivers 20 grams per day of magnesium, helping to prevent incidence of low blood calcium. The addition of Rumensin improves milk production and reduces the severity of non-clinical ketosis.

MacroVet E, with the addition of Eskalin via prescription, is available for herds with a high grain ration to prevent the onset of grain overload.

MacroVet can be added to the grain fed to springer cattle whilst administering an anionic salt such as Magnesium Chloride or Magnesium Sulphate via the drinking water. This combination aids in preventing acidosis as well as the control of milk fever & grass tetany. This system is very practical as the same grain mix can be fed to milkers and springers. Springers can therefore be lead-fed in the dairy shed.


In its convenient pellet form, MacroVet and MacroVet E can be added to the ration via additive dispensers, mixed with grain in a wagon or mixer, or added to the grain before delivery.

How do I order MacroVet?

MacroVet can be ordered pre-mixed with your grain ration through the following stockfeed merchants:grain-auger-of-combine-pouring-soy-bean-1024x1024
Farmgate Stockfeeds
Mepunga Grains
Reid Stockfeeds
Fivestar Stockfeeds

25kg bags of Macrovet can be ordered directly from Warrnambool Veterinary in a minimum order of 2 tonnes, or 1 tonne bulka bags can be ordered from Farmgate Stockfeeds or Mepunga Grains. If you mix your ration on farm and have a dedicated silo for additives, you can arrange to have MacroVet delivered direct.


Nutritional Analysis

Both Macrovet and MacroVet E are fed at a rate of 350g per cow per day (175g per cow twice daily)

Addition Rate

When blended with grain, it is essential that the correct addition rate is used to provide the appropriate amount of MacroVet per cow per day. The table below outlines what rate MacroVet should be added to the grain ration to provide the correct amount.

Contact the Farm Desk on 5559 0266 to discuss your MacroVet & MacroVet E options.