Lunch time and afternoon appointments now available

Due to an overwhelming increase in demand for our Veterinary Disbudding we have added extra staff allowing us to provide you with more options.

With the additional resources we can be far more flexible with appointment times and are able to cater for lunch time or afternoon bookings as well as in the morning.

This means that calves that are on once daily feeds can now be fed in the morning and then disbudded later in the same day.

  • We still require the calves to have NOT been fed within 6 hours of the procedure.
  • The calves should be older than 2 weeks of age.
  • Sick calves should have disbudding delayed.

Veterinary disbudding with sedation and local anaesthetic, results in an average of 1.4kg greater growth over the 2 week period following disbudding (this is a 17% increase in growth rate over the period).

What’s included:

  • Heavy sedation/pain relief
  • Local anaesthetic disbudding
  • Antibiotic protection
  • Hernia checks
  • Removal of extra teats

The particulars:

  • Cost: $7.50/Hd.
  • Calves need to be between 2-12 weeks old.
  • We need to have at least 20 calves in a group.

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If you wish to discuss calf disbudding then please contact Dr Glenn Cuzens
at WarrnamboolVeterinary’s Farm Desk on 5561 7666.