Update on Leptospirosis project

Our Melbourne University Resident, Elke Erreger, is looking at the prevalence of lepto in 60 south-west Victorian dairy herds. She has provided this project update.

Thanks to all the dairy clients who have signed up so far!

We have three quarters of the required number of participants to date. Most of the clients who have signed up are vaccinating their herds.

To get a better insight into the prevalence of leptospirosis in the area we are now looking for dairy clients that only vaccinate part of their herd (e.g. calves or cows only) or don’t vaccinate at all.

This is a FREE check-up.
If we find positive animals there won’t have any negative consequences, and you will recieve the benefit of knowing the health status of your herd. All that is required is some of your time and 15 cows diagnosed empty after pregnancy testing is finished.

If you have any questions or want to participate please don’t hesitate to contact the clinic
03 5561 2255 or myself by e-mail elke.erregger@wvc.com.au.