Pet Spa on Raglan - Grooming

At Pet Spa on Raglan we take the worry and hassle out of caring for your pet’s coat. Our friendly and professional staff use only the highest quality shampoos and conditioners, ensuring that your beloved pet receives the highest level of care and attention.

Just how regularly you need to have your dog groomed will depend on its breed, length of hair, your living arrangements and your styling preferences. Most clients choose to come in every 2 to 5 weeks, but for some pets twice per year may suffice.

There are a number of aspects to the Pet Spa’s grooming service starting with a hydrobath, a deep cleansing bath. You can then choose between a basic clip or tidy up and groom through to a style cut.

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grooming_iconWith our team of vets on hand, you can rest assured that any skin, ear, nail or other health conditions that our groomers notice during their work can be seen to during your visit – you may even wish to book a groom in conjunction with a routine consultation with our vets.

If your pet can be a little anxious or snappy during a visit to the groomer, ask about sedation which can make the whole experience that much calmer for the groomers and your pet (extra costs apply).

No matter what your pets grooming needs are you can be confident that our team of professional groomers will leave your pet looking and feeling like a million dollars!


Our Hydrobaths clean down to the skin in all breeds and you may choose from either a towel dry or blow dry for your pet. We use the Fido’s range of soap free shampoos and medicated washes, which use natural ingredients and essential oils for pets with sensitive skin.

Dog being washed in hydrobath

Basic Clip

Our groomers will take a few minutes when you drop your pet off to talk about how you’d like the clip to be done. The basic clip is offered at a standard price based on the size of your dog, and will generally involve an ‘all body’ fur clip to your desired length and some attention to any areas of concern such as around eyes, feet and the tail.

Basic clip around feet

Style Cut

A style cut is more involved. Our groomers will spend more time giving your dog a breed or style-specific cut. Style Cuts are charged at an hourly rate with the time required based on how intricate the style is and the size of your dog.

Style cut

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