Puppy School

Bringing home a new puppy is extremely exciting and with a little training and responsible handling your puppy will grow into a loving and happy dog.

puppyschool_5Warrnambool Veterinary runs a Puppy School especially for those new members of the family between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks.

Puppies between 8 and 16 weeks of age are particularly inquisitive and need to be exposed to as many new situations, people, places and other animals as possible in a safe environment.

Such socialisation is very important and helps young puppies grow into well adjusted, friendly dogs. Warrnambool Veterinary Puppy School is designed to promote and aid in early socialisation with new people and other young puppies. Puppy School is run in the clinic, which makes the whole experience of coming to the veterinary clinic a happy and sociable venture for the puppy.

Puppy School’s main aim is to develop the puppy’s social skills so they are less likely to develop behavioural problems as they mature. The puppy will also be more obedient and more enjoyable to own than they otherwise would be.

Puppy School classes run for one hour beginning at 6 pm and they continue for 4 consecutive weeks finishing with graduation on the final night.

Puppy School is very popular and we limit class size to around six puppies so it is advisable to book in early.  Limiting class size maximises socialisation without leading to intimidation of shy puppies.

If you are unable to attend Puppy School or miss a class we can organise a one-on-one consultation with our Puppy School Trainer to help you out with any puppy problems or talk over some of the puppy training content.

To attend Puppy School your puppy must be:
Between 8 weeks and 16 weeks of age on commencement date
> Have received their initial vaccinations
> Be equipped with a suitable lead and collar.

Call in to our reception to view our extensive range of leads and collars and to book your new puppy in for Puppy School.

Puppy Schnauzer on lead
Puppy German Shorthaired Pointer
Puppy Siberian Husky with lead and collar
Graduating puppy

To enrol your new puppy in Puppy School call our friendly Receptionists on 5559 0222