Calf electrolytes what’s new?

Oral rehydration solutions, commonly known as electrolytes, are considered the mainstay of treatment for calf diarrhoea or any dehydration due to disease. There is a vast array of products on the market, each with their own ‘special recipe’ which comes at a varying...

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A PROFESSIONAL VETERINARY BLEND OF ESSENTIAL MACRO AND MICRO MINERALS FOR DAIRY COWS  A pelleted concentrate specially formulated by Warrnambool Veterinary Clinic to contribute to lactating cow requirements for Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc, and now with additional...

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Drying off made easier

Although many dairy farmers are very experienced with the procedure of drying off cows, it is worthwhile to have a review at least once annually. This is particularly important if there are new staff or different facilities from the previous dry-off period. Our vets...

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Care of the New Born Cria

What Is Normal? After delivery, the cria will usually stand and drink from the dam within half an hour.  If the cria is not up and drinking within three hours of birth, veterinary attention should be sought to assess and perhaps give fluids or plasma. Warmth At birth,...

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