Locking Plates and Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr Anthony Down BVSc (Hons)

At Warrnambool Veterinary, we like to keep up to date with new procedures, techniques and equipment. It gives us the best chance to look after you pet, which also leads to greater job satisfaction.

We recently invested in a locking plate system for treating fractures (breaks in bones) in dogs and cats. Locking plates are very versatile and provide very stable fixation, holding the bones together, giving them time to heal. This gives us the opportunity to treat some complex fractures that would normally have to be referred to specialists in Melbourne.

Sasha is a 9 month old Border Collie cross that had a badly broken femur (thigh bone). We used the locking plates and a stainless steel pin to repair the fracture. In 6 weeks we’ll remove the pin and xray the leg to assess fracture healing.



Two of our Senior Veterinarians, Mark Lewis and Anthony Down, have a special interest in orthopaedic surgery, often attending continuing education courses to regularly update their knowledge. They often “scrub in” to help each other out with more complex surgeries, both orthopaedic and soft tissue, learning from each others experience.

And the follow-up news for Sasha is all good! Sasha’s leg healed well. She is moving freely and once more enjoying life running around on the farm with all the energy and enthusiasm a young Border Collie cross can muster.